How To Choose the Right Martial Arts Academy as an Adult


Learning martial arts as an adult brings several benefits both physically and mentally. You will be more athletic and build stamina as you go about your training. It also imparts focus and discipline. However, the choice of the adult martial arts academy is crucial to your training.

Millions of Americans participate in martial arts, reaching 6.2 million in 2021. If you’re an adult wanting to train seriously, you have to pick a martial arts studio wisely. Not every adult martial arts academy provides the same facility, instructions, and training environment.

Choosing a martial arts academy for adult instruction means that you need to consider the various aspects of the studio’s operation. Don’t just settle for one that is near your location or a martial arts studio that has cheaper rates.

Remember, you are there to learn martial arts. Thus, it’s important to receive proper coaching and the right instructions that will mold you to be a better and more skilled martial arts practitioner. If you’re in search of a martial arts academy near East Brunswick New Jersey or other locations, here are some pointers to help you choose:

1. Focuses on a Combat Sport

While there are different martial arts disciplines, an academy needs to choose which combat sport they will be focusing on. This is to ensure that they bring out proper training. Having too many classes offered could mean they’re not an expert in either of the disciplines they’re teaching.

Some martial arts studios concentrate on BJJ, Karate, Judo, or any other disciplines. They may offer related courses like Boxing and the like. However, most martial arts gyms do not offer several combat sports instructions. Focusing on one or two combat sports shows that they’re devoted to teaching them.

2. Highly Experienced Coaches

The instructors have to be experienced and must be professional. They will be the ones to coach you throughout your training, so they need to be knowledgeable. You need to see their qualifications and their experience.

Check their credentials to see how qualified they are in their field. Usually, this will be according to the belt or championships they’ve won/participated in. It shows that they are capable and at the top of their game.

3. Well-Planned Curriculum

Having an organized curriculum means that the adult martial arts academy knows what they’re doing. From the basics to advanced skills, they must have a plan for what to teach their students.

With a well-planned curriculum, you will have progressive training to look forward to. It will be exciting to learn or develop your martial arts skills each day of your training. The coach will be following a set plan that will touch base on various skills you need to become better at the combat sport: from footwork to minor body movements.

4. Relaxed and Fun Training

You should also have fun while doing the training. Despite the strict body movement that you must master, having a relaxed environment helps you go through each training without being stressed.

This helps you face each new challenging routine that your instructor will make you do. You will be at ease while, at the same time, putting in effort towards improving your skills. It becomes easier for you to follow the coach’s instructions and apply them during the mat training.

5. Supportive of One Another

Are the coaches supportive of their student’s development? What about the students who are learning the same martial arts instruction?

Being supportive allows you to build camaraderie with your coach and fellow trainees. This is an important aspect as you’re learning martial arts. The support you receive boosts your morale, helping you face the challenging tasks that your coach needs you to perform.

6. Training That Applies to Real-Life

Reality-based training means that you’re not only learning martial arts solely for the sport or competitive purposes. You can also apply them in real-life scenarios, like self-defense.

Having a real-life application helps you become a more versatile martial arts practitioner. When the situation calls for it, you can apply the combat fighting skills that you’ve honed inside the gym.

7. Brings Out Results

What will come out of the training? The adult martial arts academy must be results-focused – instilling progress for each student.

There has to be a result of your training in an adult martial arts academy. It could be improving your martial arts skills or even getting yourself a belt. Check their previous students and see how far they’ve come from their training inside your chosen studio.

8. Honest With Their Clients

Do they provide open communication? They must be transparent with the martial arts training that they provide and build trust with their clients.

Being honest shows that the martial arts studio is professional. There are no hidden fees that they unknowingly charge to the clients. They don’t deceive their clients with the services that they provide.

9. Has Flexible Contracts: Not Pushy and Manipulative

What about their terms for martial arts training? Do they not push you to sign up for a longer contract? Are they true to their words and not have manipulative sales talk?

The martial arts studio needs to have a proper contract in place. It must state the instructions and services they provide. When it comes to their sales and marketing, they must not be too pushy or have deceptive tactics just to get people to sign up.

10. Facility Is Safe

The martial arts academy must be safe and conducive to training. You must be comfortable working your skills inside the gym. A safe martial arts training facility is important to avoid the risk of injuries.

Is the equipment well-maintained? Is there enough space for you to move around and exert effort in training? What about the ventilation? These aspects must be considered to make the training comfortable.

11. Welcoming Social Environment

The social aspect of an adult martial arts academy has to be considered as well. Are they welcoming new colleagues and showing respect for one another?

Building rapport helps you be more comfortable inside the martial arts studio. The training environment will make it easy for you to hone your skills and get support. You won’t feel intimidated, especially if you’re still a beginner at the combat sport that you’re undergoing training for.

12. Provides a Great Workout

The martial arts training that they provide has to also provide you with a great workout experience. It has to improve your overall health and fitness.

Most martial arts studios emphasize proper form, stretching or warm-ups, and other aspects of the training to minimize injuries. After your training session, ideally, you must feel great sweating out. Martial arts training is an effective form of exercise while, at the same time, making you learn new physical abilities.

To Wrap Up

Martial arts training as an adult boils down to which facility you receive your instructions from. The learning experience itself matters in how you will become a martial arts practitioner. The location and the price aren’t the only things to consider when choosing.

The martial arts academy must ideally be concerned about the growth of its students. It needs to be a holistic learning experience. While no facility is perfect, the martial arts studio needs to have at least the bare minimum of providing a conducive learning experience for its students. Doing your training session must be a great experience. It has to push your skills to the limit and make you achieve your goal: whether to use martial arts skills for self-defense or become an athlete.