Open mat is an unstructured training time were people can roll live freely, drill whatever they want to drill, socialize, and more.  Our "Free Sunday" open mat is open to everyone from anywhere at no charge. 

Yes the Sunday open mat at Revel Jiu Jitsu is for everyone regardless of where you train, your affiliations, or if you are member of our academy.

It is every Sunday at 10 am and goes on for about 2+ hours. 

The 10am Free Sunday open mat is located at Revel Jiu Jitsu in East Brunswick NJ.


8 Cornwall Court
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(Inside Fields Sports Complex)

We have people who do both.  Many people start in the gi and then take their gi top off, or wear no-gi gear under their gi so they can train no-gi also.

If you prefer to train 100% no-gi and have no interest in doing gi at all, then you can just show up with no-gi gear.

Yes, it is 100% free. We do not charge anyone from anywhere to train with us during Sunday open mats.

You MUST scan the waiver QR code and fill out the waiver before you can stop on the mat and train.  After you do that, please sign your name on the attendance sheet. It's essential that we know who is using the facility for every open mat for liability purposes.

Our main uniform policy is that you come with clean training gear, that does not stink, is not discolored, does not have rips, pockets, zippers, or anything else that would be deemed dangerous our unsanitary.

We wanted to provide a place for anyone to train with different people on a day that does not worry about teams, affiliations, or politics. It's a great way to meet new people, train with different people of different skill sets, and have fun with others you may not regularly train with.

You can find our Sunday open mat rules at this link here.  Please make sure you read them and follow them!